Compass International School of Doha: Madinat Khalifa



P1. Motion Part 1
Target sheet
P1.1 Length and time
P1.2 Motion
P1.3 Mass and weight
What is the difference between mass and weight? Keynote
P1.4 Density

P1. Motion Part 2
Target sheet
P1.5.1 Effects of forces
What is a force?
What is Hooke's Law? Keynote
Why does F=ma? Keynote
What is friction? Keynote
P1.5.2 Turning effect
What is a moment? Keynote Plenary
P1.5.3 Centre of mass
Where can I find the centre of mass? Keynote Plenary
P1.5.4 Pressure
How can I reduce the pressure I am under? Keynote Plenary

P2. Work, energy and power
Target sheet
Crash course
P2.1 Work
How do I do more work? Keynote Plenary
P2.2 Energy
What is energy? Keynote Plenary
What is gravitational potential energy? Keynote Plenary
What is kinetic energy? Keynote Plenary
What is efficiency? Keynote Plenary Video
P2.3 Power
How do I increase my power? Keynote Plenary
P2.4 Energy resources
How are fossil fuels made? Keynote Plenary
What are the non-renewable energy sources?
What are the renewable energy sources?
What is nuclear fusion?

P3.Thermal Physics Part 1
Target sheet
P3.1 Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
What are the states of matter? Keynote Plenary
What is the kinetic model of matter? Keynote Plenary
What is the difference between heat and temperature? Keynote Plenary
What is the difference between melting and boiling? Keynote Plenary
P3.2 Pressure changes
P3.3 Matter and thermal properties
P3.4 Measurement of temperature

P3. Thermal Physics Part 2
Target sheet
P3.5.1 Conduction
What is conduction? Keynote Plenary
P3.5.2 Convection
What is convection? Keynote Plenary
P3.5.3 Radiation
P3.5.4 Consequences of energy transfer

P4. Properties of waves, including light and sound Part 1
Target sheet
P4.1 General wave properties

P4. Properties of waves, including light and sound Part 2
Target sheet
P4.2.1 Reflection of light
P4.2.2 Refraction of light
P4.2.3 Thin converging lens
P4.3 Electromagnetic spectrum
P4.3 Sound

P5. Electricity and magnetism
Target sheet
P5.1 Simple phenomena of magnetism
P5.2.1 Electric charge
P5.2.2 Current, potential difference and electromotive force (emf)
P4.2.3 Resistance

P6. Electric circuits
Target sheet
P6.1 Circuit diagrams
P6.2 Series and parallel circuits
P6.3 Electrical energy
P6.4 Dangers of electricity

P7. Electromagnetic effects
Target sheet
P7.1 Magnetic effect of an electric current
What is the magnetic effect of an electric current? Keynote
P7.2 Force on a current-carrying conductor
What is the force on a current-carrying conductor? Keynote
P7.3 D.C. motor
P7.4 Electromagnetic induction
P7.5 Transformers
Revision sheet
Practice questions

P8. Atomic physics
Target sheet
P8.1 The nuclear atom
What is the structure of the atom? Keynote Plenary
P8.2.1 Characteristics of the three kinds of emission
What is radioactivity? Keynote Worksheet Plenary
P8.2.2 Detection of radioactivity
P8.2.3 Radioactive decay
P8.2.4 Half-life
P8.2.5 Safety

Year 10 Term 1
Year 11 Term 1

Half term homework Physics Paper
Half term homework Physics Paper mark scheme

Year 11 revision session
Year 11 Edexcel physics mark scheme

Year 8 homework data

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