What is a force?
What is the difference between mass and weight?
What is air resistance?
What is terminal velocity?
How do forces affect an object's motion?
How do forces affect materials?


What is energy?
What is gravitational potential energy?
What is kinetic energy?
How are fossil fuels made?
What are non-renewable energy sources?
What are renewable energy sources?
What is efficiency?

Electrical circuits

How do we charges insulators?
What is current?
What is potential difference?
What is resistance?
Why do we draw circuit diagrams?
What are series circuits?
What are parallel circuits?
What are the dangers of electricity?
Why do we use fuses and circuit breakers?

The Solar System and beyond

What can we see in the night sky?
How did the universe form?
How do stars live and die?
How did the chemical elements form?
What is red shift?
What causes the seasons?

Magnets and electromagnets

What is magnetism?
What is the magnetic effect of a current?
What is the force on a current-carrying wire?
How do we generate an alternating current?
Why do we use transformers?
What is the National Grid?
How does a DC motor work?


What are the properties of waves?
What is light?
What is reflection?
What is refraction?
What is the critical angle?
What is diffraction?
What is dispersion?
What is the electromagnetic spectrum?


What is sound?
How do we detect sound?
What is ultrasound?
What is the doppler effect?


Heating and cooling

What are the states of matter?
What is evaporation?
What is thermal expansion?
What is the difference between heat and temperature?
What is the difference between melting and boiling?
What is conduction?
What is convection
What is radiation?

Pressure and moments

What is a turning moment?
Where can I find the centre of mass?
How can I reduce the pressure I am under?
What are hydraulics?
What is density?

Speeding up

How do we do physics?
How do we measure time?
What is the difference between speed and velocity?
What does a distance-time graph and velocity-time graph show?
How does physics affect driving?